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Example Usage :

Here's a simple example :
a) Add a refrence to SilverlightPersianDatePicker.dll file.
b) Add its relevant xmlns:


C) Now adding a new DatePicker control to the page would be as easy as defining the following line:

<dp:PDatePicker x:Name="txtDate" TextBoxWidth="100"  Margin="5"  />

d) "SelectedDate" property of the control gives you the selected Gregorian date and "SelectedPersianDate" of the control gives you the selected Persian date.



  • Don't forget included "SilverlightPersianDatePicker.extmap.xml" file, If you want to use and enable XAP files library caching feature.

Above instructions in Persian

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gammasaman Dec 7, 2011 at 8:07 AM 
Tanx for your latest update, very useful features.
One Question Though, i see in your code that you have used INotifyPropertyChange Interface with the SelectedPersianDate Property
But I Can't Use the Event, I want to write a code in the EventHandler to do something when the selectedPersianDate Changes
but i don't see the event