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حذف آیکون تقویم

first post: arman_arian wrote: میخواستم ببینم آیا امکان حذف آیکون تقویم وجود داره؟ چون نمیخوام وقت...

problem in Pesian Calendar Display

first post: FMR wrote: hi thanks for your good library I have a silverlight project and...


first post: Mehrsa wrote: سلام آقای نصیری من رفرنس رو ادد کردم ولی موقعی که می خوام باهاش کا...

latest post: MehrsaFr wrote: آقای نصیری راهی برای Mask وجود نداره؟؟؟؟

Problem with delete action

first post: hoghrd wrote: Hi Dear Friend, There is a problem with delete action whenever wan...

latest post: VahidN wrote: If you don't like that behavior, download the latest source codes.

How can write date in control

first post: mohsenbahrzadeh wrote: hi, mr Nasiri, thanks for creation this control, but i have 2 ques...

latest post: VahidN wrote: Please download the source codes and then refer to NormalTest.xaml ...

Custom Style

first post: mehdi550u wrote: Hi.How I can Make a Custom style for this Control?

latest post: mehdi550u wrote: It's good

How to Implement the PropertyChangedEvent for the SelectedPersianDate Property

first post: gammasaman wrote: Hi,i see in your code that you have used INotifyPropertyChange Inte...

latest post: VahidN wrote: Hello, SelectedPersianDate is defined as a DependencyProperty her...

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